Advantages of colored regenerated wool staple fiber

  With the improvement of living standards and the rapid development of economy, people's pursuit of garment materials has also increased significantly. Now, clothes with smooth feel, light weight and comfortable wearing are loved by many consumers and have become the best-selling products of garment manufacturers. Behind this phenomenon, it comes from the use of colored regenerated wool staple fibers.

  Colored regenerated wool staple fiber is developed with the latest technology to make the color more natural. Compared with the products manufactured by traditional dyeing process, it is more environmentally friendly. The coloring of colored regenerated wool staple fiber uses a new color spinning process. The products produced do not contain heavy metals, formaldehyde and toxic substances, and the products do not contain pungent smell after output. In terms of hand feel, it is similar to traditional silk products, and the color is very bright. The garment products made with it will not fade and deform after being put into the water. It is known as one of the best garment materials.

  In the domestic market, baosida chemical fiber is the leading enterprise in the production of colored polyester yarn. Its production line adopts fully automated equipment, and its efficiency has reached the highest level at present. In addition, the high-quality selection of raw materials also makes the color of bostar's colored recycled wool staple fiber products more uniform, far exceeding the products of other manufacturers in the same industry.